Friday, May 20, 2016

Where did the time go...

Friends, so many things have happened since my last post.  My last post, when was that?  It was almost three months ago.  I'm not a hardcore everyday blogger but three months is a long time...

So, I fell off the wagon and am getting right back on.  What has happened in the last few months?

- At the end of February, I flew to Florida and ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon with a new-old group of friends, including Michele who ran her first half marathon ever!

- In mid-March, I flew out to New York with a new-new group of friends and ran the NYC Half Marathon. This beautiful race starts in Central Park, goes through Times Square, and around the westside highway for a lovely finish in Battery Park.  That race recap and awesome medal photo will be posted soon.

- My Chicago Endurance Sports participants are rocking out these amazing long runs in preparation for the Chicago Spring Half Marathon and/or Soldier Field 10 miler.  As they grew stronger each week, I grew more confident as a pacer.

- My other mentees with the American Cancer Society are preparing to kick ass!  This special group of folks have not only committed to fundraising for the American Cancer Society but also to run this year's Chicago Marathon.  Here's to the next five months of training!

- And finally, something NOT race related... This week, I started a new chapter of my life regarding my food.  After a few weird events and funky feelings, I have been prescribed a food elimination period of eight weeks.  During this period, I am not to consume fun stuff.  Really, all the fun stuff is not okay.  A separate post will follow.

That's it for now... Hope everyone has been enjoying some time outside!

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