Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review: Smartwool Socks Part 2

So last year, I had a chance to participant in SmartWool's Perfect Pair sock challenge, where I swapped out a sock in order to put SmartWool head-to-head with the sock already in my arsenal.  Though the sock was completely comfy and first rate, it just didn't sway me to want to change from my current sock, Feetures.

This winter, however, I was reintroduced to the wonders of wool and kept hearing more and more about SmartWool's line.  Finally, with a store credit and some holiday shopping magic, I purchased this pair of SmartWool socks.

This is the Women's Phd Run Ultra Light Micro Sock.  IN MY FAVORITE COLOR.  I promise that I purchased this sock because my running colleagues kept recommending it but I will admit that the color made it that much easier.

I put the sock on and I kid you not, it felt so good.  Just enough compression without putting pressure on my toes with a seamless design so it felt like it was one with my skin.  I felt like my Feetures were starting to tug on my toes some and the new SmartWool socks were great.  I took these babies for a spin and am absolutely head over heels.  My runs ranged from -15 degree windchills over sidewalks covered with snow to 40 balmy degrees and puddles, anywhere between three to twelve miles.  I plan to take these guys down to Florida with me for my first half marathon of the season. 

And they have other fun colors!  Can't wait for my next fun run at Fleet Feet Sports where I plan to pick up another pair or two.  

Happy feet!

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