Thursday, January 14, 2016

Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone!  It's been a busy holiday season but I've finally settled back into my routine.  It seemed as though Mother Nature also took a holiday break, as we enjoyed incredibly mild temps over the holidays and are now dressing for negative windchills.

Around this time last year, I did a "Best of 2014" post, reflecting on swag bags, race courses, and interesting experiences.  2015, of course, was centered on THE enchilada of races, the Chicago Marathon.  So this time, I will talk a little bit about the past and more about what 2016 has to offer.

Looking back...
1.  Just read my Chicago Marathon race recap.  Relive the torture and the victory.

2.  Unlike last year when I took a big hiatus after my first half marathon, I am still running today.  The marathon didn't scare me away, my legs aren't broken, and I am still running!

3.  Guys, it was 26.2 miles.  That is all.

Looking ahead...
1.  Not only am I still running, I am mentoring for Chicago Endurance Sports as part of their Winter Warriors training program.  I have had the greatest pleasure of mentoring runners, both new and old, every weekend since Thanksgiving and can't wait to get them to their goal race this February.


Look at these tough chicks.  From 55 degrees to -15 degree windchill, they keep showing up!

2.  I have taken time to get off the pavement to enjoy trail running, which is something I so desperately wanted to do last year.  I've only been out once or twice but definitely plan on making it a regular thing!


3.  And finally... Chicago 2.0.  Oh yea, I'm going to do the Chicago Marathon again.

To a year of incredible adventures and challenges - cheers!

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