Monday, May 4, 2015

Race Recap: The Glo Run

The Glo Run.

This run falls in the category of something like the Hot Chocolate race: an event that many people will run but most will choose to enjoy the experience - in costume or festive garb - and walk the majority of the route.  These races are special because you can enjoy them with friends or family, or use it as a stepping stone into more traditional races.

The Glo Run wasn't on my radar until one of the original 2013 Hot Chocolate-ers stepped up and asked to run this race.  A group of us signed up with some discount codes and voila - a spring fun run!

Packet Pick Up
Information was actually communicated pretty well, both on the Glo Run website and on Facebook.  I didn't have any issues figuring out what the course looked like, where to go, etc etc.  Packet pick up this year included Fleet Feet Old Town the day before and on-site pick up, an hour and a half before the start of the race.

I happened to have Friday off and was driving around town so I stopped by FF Old Town to grab my packet.  I was in and out in no more than 5 minutes and had all my gear in a little reusable shopping bag which contained my bib, t-shirt, team sunglasses, a fan and a whistle(?).

Race Day
With the NFL draft in town, we decided that it was best to take the train into town, meet at the Starbucks at Roosevelt, and walk over to Soldier Field.  Though the weather was mild, it became a bit chilly after walking a mile to the start line.

The field was rather hectic but it worked out pretty well.  There was a separate tent for each item (one for bibs, one for shirts, one for Glo sticks, etc).  Everyone got their stuff together within 30 minutes and we took some silly group photos.

We lined up on time but the race got started a little late (scheduled start was 8:15pm).  On top of that, we were going in waves (which I am thankful for) but didn't end up crossing the start line until about 8:40pm or so.

The path was pretty well marked and volunteers were out cheering on the runners.  There were about 3 illuminated areas and 1 black-light zone.  Most people decided to walk through those, which was a good idea considering that the areas in the grass were very uneven.  Rolled ankle?  No thanks!

Black light zone!

Looping back to Soldier Field, we crossed the finish line, got a bottle of water, and headed straight for the Lagunitas beer van.  Complimentary beer?  Well, why not?!

After having a beer, we found the snack tent and grabbed a handful of items before making the long trek back to the Roosevelt CTA station.  It was definitely a fun event and it seemed as though everyone had a great time!

My name is Linda and I started running a little over a year ago.  Starting out 1 mile at a time, I will be running this year's Chicago Marathon on behalf of the American Cancer Society.  Check out my story here and please donate to the cause!

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