Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Race Recap: Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle

Okay...a little late but here it is...

This is the second time I have done this race (2014 recap here) and I was hesitant to sign up based on my feelings from last year's race.  This year, however, it seemed that Bank of America took the complaints seriously and made a few changes.

Race Expo
Oh big ginormous expos.  I'm all about an expo.  After running a number of races last year, I just found that McCormick place is not very convenient and no matter how hard I try, I will park somewhere, pay tens of dollars for parking, and will still walk more than a mile to my expo.  It is a fact of life and that's okay.

But back to the point, the process was seamless as per the usual.  I got my bib and shirt in less than 10 minutes and had some time to peruse some goodies.  I got out with a free pair of sunglasses and sweaty bands, along with a funny little shamrock shirt pin.  I love that the shirts this year are green and they went super shamrock-y with the neck gaitor and medal.

Race Day
It was a chilly and windy day.  I can't complain, however, because it was supposed to rain all morning but we lucked out and the rain didn't come until after the race.  The corrals were reformatted for two waves this year, with our crew being in the second to last corral.

Carolyn is on a mission to complete the Soldier Field 10 miler race this May and this was her halfway point race.  We started out with a run 2 min/walk 2 min interval and pretty much stuck with that the entire race.

Miles 1 and 4 - DONE

She was such a rock star!  We finished the race strong and didn't experience any hiccups on the way.  We eventually found John, grabbed our victory beer, and hung out for 15 minutes before it began to sleet.  Winners' brunch at Big Jones?  Yes please!

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