Friday, August 29, 2014

Little pick me ups

It has been an interesting week; I'm dealing with some work stress and my "I'm-tapering-for-the-first-time-what-do-I-do" anxiety is not helpful.  I'm closing in on my first half marathon (2 days!) and had some welcomed distractions this week.

Chicks Night Seminar hosted by 110% Compression, Frog Temple Pilates and Brooks.
Wow, yea, sponsor overload.  It was a surprising evening because I was most looking forward to root beer floats from Brooks and walked way uber impressed with the compression socks (I mean, I totally loved the floats too....).

I already own a pair of CEP compression socks so I wasn't particularly interested in these; they felt like normal socks and were hot on the run (weather thing, not a sock thing).  Afterwards, though, it was revealed that they have a pocket for ice packs.  WHAT!?  The rep slid those babies in and boy they felt great.

And the floats weren't half bad themselves.  I unfortunately had to leave the Pilates seminar early for a Fantasy Football Draft so I can't report on that but I walked away with a free headscarf!  I started messing around with it a little bit and I already think it's awesome!

Fellow Flowers
I had never heard of these ladies until it was announced that they were teaming up with the folks at the Magnificent Mile Half.  I'm not a sappy one at heart so naturally I was skeptical of gimmicky sales pitches but the story stole my heart.  Simply put: Fellow Flowers originated as a group of women who gathered to run and support each other through their ups and downs - running around and through life together.  That's it.  I loved them and their openness to all that I grabbed one of their flowers and gave it to my coworker, Carolyn.

"Worthy" flower for her, "Believe" flower for me

My hubby pushed me to splurge on the VIP package (happy hour, black dress party, shake out run, yoga and VIP race day treatment) so I've been giddy all week with their sneak peeks and picture previews.  It will be such an experience that it will get it's own recap after the race.

Shopping is always stressful for me.  I'm not the kind of gal who spends hours shopping and because of my body shape, I find it discouraging when 90% of the clothes out there doesn't fit me well.  I did, however, pick up a fun pearl necklace for the cocktail party so I'm excited to get all snazzed up.

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