Monday, June 2, 2014

Double Recap: The Original 5k & Historical Run: Uptown

As the title suggests, this was a bit of a busy weekend for me!  I'm still in a rest phase from my 10-miler but have been committing to some shorter fun runs.  Saturday brought on The Original 5K and Sunday was Fleet Feet's first of six historical runs: Uptown.

The Original 5K
Fleet Feet introduced this race a few weeks back; celebrating 1972 as the year of the running boom in the United States, runners were encouraged to come out for a throwback and "original" race, all at the handsome price of $19.72.  

I originally did not want to run this race because I had just done a double whammy (Chicago Spring 10K and the Soldier Field 10 Mile) and had the Color Run the following week.  When some of my coworkers started signing up and half the running group did as well, I just couldn't say no.  So here we are, 4 races in 4 weeks.

Packet Pick Up
Super easy as the swag was not a typical t-shirt that has to be sized but a pair of unisize tube socks.  So in I went to grab a bib (assigned on the spot) and my two and a half feet cotton tube gems.

Race Day
68 degrees, sunny and not a cloud in the sky!

The race took place at Montrose Harbor/Cricket Hill, ran north to Foster Beach and turned back to the start line. It was a beautiful morning and since I got there early, I decided to walk over to the lakefront and snap a photo.  A small race in it's inaugural year, roughly 1,100 people showed up on this sunny day.

The 1972 themed race included some cool aspects:
     - The National Anthem was a recording from an iconic 1972 race
     - Pace lineup was by honor system (I know that sucks for some people but sometimes it is nice to just get in line and go!
     - No course clocks so staff members were standing at mile markers with stop watches shouting out splits.
     - Old school raffle and giveaways
     - Results printed and posted on the bulletin board at the race
     - Costumes

I'm not much of a costume-while-running gal (I'm all about colors and accessories but I can't imagine running with wigs, etc).  But despite my own shortcomings, I made sure to wear my tube socks even though I didn't have an split shorts to sport.

I ran with Carolyn during the race because 1) my legs were still sore from the 10 miler and 2) I signed up because of her so of course I'm going to run with her!  She did a great job at her 3:1 run/walk intervals and we crossed the finish line together with an official time of 42:08.

At the start line

In a recent blog post, I mentioned the fear of not just finishing last but not finishing at all.  In the few races I have done, I have found that though I finish in the back, I still finish ahead of about 1/5 of the participants.  I have not always been able to hang at the finish line to cheer on the rest of the runners but yesterday, we all got to welcome the final two finishers of the race.  And how wonderful it was!  The announcer made sure that we knew they were coming so we all began cheering them on.  As soon as they crossed the finish line, they were awarded bottles of Gatorade and the awesome post race snacks.  Awesome.

We had an old school raffle where the announcer gave prizes based on bib number (person closest to 900, 500, etc) and it was a really fun post-race party.  I usually jet right after but stayed because the atmosphere was so nice.

 Post-race runner's high with the ladies

Fleet Feet Historical Run #1: Uptown
From June to November, Fleet Feet hosts historical runs through iconic Chicago neighborhoods on the first Sunday of the month.  Free and open to runners of all fitness levels, the group runs at an easy pace, making multiple stops along the way to point out historical landmarks and to answer questions.  Today was John and I's first historical run and it was equally rewarding and tough!

My legs were just refusing to work.  I have found that I'm not good at run-walking and found that run-stopping is terrible.  On top of that, the temperatures were already climbing past 72 degrees at 7:45am and the direct sun was hot.  Regardless, I filled up my Nathan Quickshot and knew I would enjoy the tour portion, even if the running sucked.  

I didn't take any pictures on the run but Fleet Feet snapped a few shots along the way.  As you can see by the map above, we stopped at all of the red circles plus a few more.  Stops included the Church that Moved, Chase Park, St. Boniface Cemetery, Essanay (S&A) Studios, Aragon Ballroom, Uptown Theatre, the American Indian Center and many more.  

The run was a total of roughly 4.8 miles and due to the large size of the group (crossing busy intersections), the 75 minute run became nearly two hours!  I certainly didn't mind, though, and really appreciated the time that Fleet Feet took to offer us this free event.  After the run, they supplied us with cold water and Gatorade!

If you attend 4 out of 6 historic runs, you get a pair of tickets to the Chicago History Museum - that's a $28 value!  Learn more about the historic runs at Fleet Feet Chicago.

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