Wednesday, April 30, 2014

That looming feeling

So I'm at a point in my running where things are starting to get heavy.  Not my legs but my mind.

Things have been going great to be honest.  I've been running consistently every week and have been building up some healthy long runs.  Minus achy legs after my long runs (normal soreness, nothing odd) and some housekeeping time cut out of my day, I've been doing really great at running!  I have a wonderful support system and truly enjoy "hitting the pavement".

I guess I'm anxious about my longer races.  When I did the Shamrock Shuffle (roughly 5 miles), I was a little nervous because I did a 5 mile run the month before.  I wasn't able to test out that distance before the race and due to my work schedule, I actually missed two runs the week of the race.  But somehow, I knew 5 miles was a doable distance and it was such a big race that I knew I wouldn't be finishing dead last.

Finishing. dead. last.

That's why I'm so nervous.  That's the looming feeling.

I have my first 10k coming up two and a half weeks and my first 10 miler in three weeks.  How did I get to this place?!  10 miles?  Whoa.  I am terrified of 1) quitting before I start 2) not finishing and 3) finishing dead last.

My longest run to date is 7.5 miles.  I'm really proud of that run because so many things went wrong but I stuck with it.  Theoretically, I shouldn't be worrying about the 10k since I've gone past the race distance but still....there is just a lot of doubt in my stomach. 6.2 miles just sounds so much farther than 5.  Everything above 5 miles sounds like way too much!

Sigh.  Maybe I need an inspiration boost.  Maybe I'll get one after my long run this weekend, which is planned to be 8.25 miles.

Crossing fingers.

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  1. Just as a little update, I ran 5 miles on Saturday and 8 miles on Sunday! Still a little nervous but it definitely gave me a boost!