Monday, April 28, 2014

Ravenswood Run 5k 2014

Yesterday morning was the (SOLD OUT)18th annual Ravenswood Run 5k, a run hosted by Fleet Feet Sports Chicago that benefits the communities of Lincoln Square and Ravenswood.  I've never run this race before and was super excited to be part of this community event.

Packet Pick Up
Packet pick up was available on Friday and Saturday at all Fleet Feet locations and they even offered a morning-of pick up.  It was a simple, no frills packet pick up process.  As stated on the waiver during the registration process, t-shirt exchanges were not allowed until the morning of the race, if even available.  Either way, John and I were very happy with our shirt selections and I absolutely love the design!

Gender specific Mizuno tech shirts and
my Mizuno speed session water bottle

Race Day
It was a cloudy and chilly morning; actual temps were around 45 degrees but the windchill made it feel much closer to 35.  We got to the race site around 7:20am and everything seemed to be going smoothly.  Everything was well marked and there were a few vendors out (Mizuno offering shoe trials and Clif passing out bites).  Gear check was very fast and we started lining up.  

Waiting in our corral

The corrals were arranged by "honor system"; there were pacing signs and you were to line up in the according to your race prediction.  Most people honored the system and for the few that didn't, well, it didn't matter anyways because there was plenty of room and we were all having a great time!

Everyone waiting to start - it was chilly!

The race took us through the car-free streets of Ravenswood and Lincoln Square, under train tracks, past our favorite neighborhood spots and even past the Mayor's house.  What a surprise it was to see him standing on the corner, cheering on all the runners.  Tons of people, too, were out on the sidewalks, cheering us on.  

John and I decided to run the race together.  Though his speed is definitely faster than mine, he decided to hang back to not aggravate his ankle.  We ended up crossing the finish line at exactly the same time!  It was great being able to run the whole race with him.

Turning the corner for the final stretch

I have to say that the post race goodies were pretty spectacular.  We were offered bottles of water, an assortment of Clif bars, bananas, mini-bagels, chocolate pomegranate bites and ANN SATHER CINNAMON BUNS.  That's a ton of love, Fleet Feet.  Tons. O'. Love.

We hung around for a little bit, munching on our foods and watching some of the kid dashes, which were held at our original starting line.  It was very refreshing to see so many different folks out; parents running with their kids, kids running with other kids, people running their first 5Ks ever, neighbors supporting their friends....

Showing off our race shirts at brunch

I would highly recommend this race to any Chicagoan.  It is definitely one of my favorite races and I hope to make it a longstanding tradition!

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