Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Intro to Speedwork by Mizuno and Fleet Feet Sports

This month kicks off a series of speed sessions hosted by Mizuno at Fleet Feet Sports stores.  Held each Monday up until the Ravenswood Run 5k, Mizuno reps come out to our normally scheduled fun runs to lead the group in speed drills.  Participants are given the chance to try on Mizuno shoes (Wave Rider, Inspire and Paradox) as well as earn the chance for a custom water bottle.

First Session
I was very curious about what was in store for us (Carolyn, other FF runners) as I am so new to running.  We arrived at the store and tried on some Mizuno Wave Rider 17s while the rep gave a run down of the exercises.  The idea was that we would run as a group over to the track past River Park, do several rounds of speed work, and run back to Fleet Feet.

We got to the speed session a little late because the group generally runs faster than us but it was very easy to figure out what was going on even though we missed the instructions (and probably the first exercise).

One whistle = faster pace, two whistles = regular pace (sounds easy, huh?)

Though it felt like I did 15 of them, I think the rep was counting by laps as he mentioned "final round for those doing 8" when I ran by.  I finished 3 laps when we decided to start heading back since the group was probably sprinting back.

It was a solid 3.5 miles for me that night and I look forward to some more next week!

P.S. - They did give away running bands and sports drink powder samples - nice!

Second Session
I was more mentally prepared for this session but became more discouraged than ever because it was snowing outside.  Big, wet, heavy snowflakes were just flowing from the clouds.  Did I mention that just two days ago, we were enjoying 80 degree weather and that the temperature during this run was 35 degrees?  Ick ick ick.

I still got there with time to spare and my heart honestly sank a few inches when it appeared that no one showed up.  

The strong, the mighty, the few

As it got closer to 6:30pm, however, about 10 more folks strolled through the door.  The rep mentioned that today's session would be a ladder workout; alternating between a fast and slow pace, we would go 200m, 400m, 600m, 400m, 200m.  

By the time the caboose made it to the track, the group was lining up to start the ladder run.  I just hopped on the track and did the best I could.  After 3 laps and finding ourselves getting soaked down to the core, the girls decided to head back.  Once we were almost back at Fleet Feet, the rest of the group caught up to us and we ended up finishing at about the same time.  4.25 miles were done that evening and I was proud that we stuck it out despite the terrible weather.  

As an incentive, attending 2 of the 3 speed sessions earned you a custom 2014 Ravenswood Run 5K waterb bottle by Mizuno.  I can truly say I worked hard for this one!

Third Session
I sadly was unable to make it out to this session due to my work schedule but from the photos taken on Facebook from my running pals, it seems like a lot of fun!  Accelerated Rehab came out to give free injury screenings and Mizuno provided some post-run beers.  Also, for those who did all three sessions, you received VIP treatment at the Ravenswood Run 5k - unlimited coffee and premium seating at O'Shaughnessey's - congrats to all that made it out there!

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