Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pi Day, Pi K Race Recap

When I found out about this [untimed] fun run/walk that was based on π, I couldn't resist.  A running event held on 3/14 that gave you a t-shirt, pizza, pie and beverages for $25?  You wouldn't be able to resist either.

My initial concern was rushing over to the Fleet Feet in Lincoln Square right after work on Friday but Carolyn and I caught a train and got there with 20 minutes to spare.  When we got to the store, dear hubby was at the front greeting all the runners (he hurt is ankle the week before and decided to volunteer).  Check in was very easy (checklist) and we grabbed our shirts.  Dropping off our gear and waiting downstairs, the announcer informed us that we would be going in 3 waves, starting right at 6:28 (2 pi time).

Though it was obviously a fun run, we decided to leave with the final wave since we wanted to take it easy.  Right as we lined up outside, the pizza truck pulled up!  We looked at each other and seriously thought "Can I just run around the block and come back to eat...?!".

We were lucky to have some sun on our way out and though it was a bit windy, the weather was quite nice.  The path was similar to the standard Fleet Feet fun run path but was modified slightly so we could run through River Park.  There were plenty of course markers and staff members - thank you volunteers!  It was a great path and we even ran into some familiar faces from the Breakfast Club.

Since we started in the third wave, lots of folks were already eating when we got back but there was plenty of food to go around.  Though it looks packed, the line was very short; we got some pizza, pie and beer and went to find a spot downstairs.

Pizza, pie, friends and a fun run to promote math and science?  What is there to not like?  The vibe was easy going but very organized.  They handed out prizes at the end for quiz participants, including a box of whoopie pies!  Did I mention that the race shirt is a Nike Dri-fit?  For $25, I was totally expecting a cotton t-shirt.  Bright yellow Dri-fit = an awesome addition to my summer nighttime running gear.

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